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Contact:   Denise Nestor
Norwell Cemetery Department
Email: dnestor@townofnorwell.net 
Phone: 339-613-7198

Norwell, Massachuestts:  The Norwell Cemetery Committee is proud to announce the completed construction of a new 32-niche columbarium at the Washington Street Cemetery in Norwell. 

“The Cemetery Committee is pleased to offer another option for residents who wish to have Washington Street Cemetery be their final resting place,” said Denise Nestor, Norwell Cemetery Liaison.  Nestor noted “Columbariums are a cost-effective, attractive, and permanent means of memorializing a cremated loved one.”

The columbarium was installed by Cemetery personnel and the Norwell Tree & Grounds Department, and benches have been installed around the columbarium area to provide a tranquil space for reflection.  In the spring, landscaping will be completed with new grass and plantings.

The Norwell Cemetery Committee is committed to providing a serene, attractive, and contemplative setting for the families of the deceased at all Norwell cemeteries.  They are dedicated to overseeing the process of compassionate, timely, and high-quality burial arrangements that respect the wishes and beliefs of the deceased and their families.

Please contact Denise Nestor at the Cemetery Department for niche pricing options and availability. 


Norwell Town Seal CemeteryPlease remove holiday wreaths

and decor in preparation for
the cemetery’s spring cleaning.
Any holiday items that remain
after APRIL 1st will be removed.

Thank you,
Norwell Cemetery Committee

Cemeteries of Norwell Map

In earlier times it was customary to bury one's kindred on the family estate, and a number of private burial grounds and tombs still exist in town. On Pleasant Street, a cemetery is located on the Ephraim Otis estate. This graveyard had a unique feature in that slaves belonging to the family were buried in unmarked graves around the perimeter. Another family tomb is the Joseph Cushing tomb on Old Oaken Bucket Road.