From time to time, the Town of Norwell solicits bids from contractors to perform services for the Highway and Tree and Grounds Divisions. Return to this page to view upcoming bids.


Town of Norwell Highway and Tree Operations Facility  

The Town of Norwell Massachusetts, through its Pre-Qualification Committee requests that qualified and experienced DCAMM Certified General Contractors and Trade Contractors submit Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) in the form of an (RFQ) for the project: Town of Norwell Highway and Tree Operations Facility, 310 Main Street, Norwell, MA.

The Project consists of renovations and alterations to an existing approximate 5,695 gross square foot Highway Department building with a one-story approximate 16,593 gross square foot addition thereto.  All work will be conducted adjacent to active and occupied site and building areas and will be required to be performed in phased sequence such that the Operations Facility can remain fully in use without interruption.  

Interested Trade Contractors are sought for the following Filed Sub-Bid categories of work at the estimated values indicated:  

      Masonry Work 


     Waterproofing, Damp-proofing and Caulking


      Roofing and Flashing


      Metal Windows


      Painting and Coating


      Fire Protection




      Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning




Project Information:   

Owner’s Project Manager:                               

Glenn Ferguson, Town of Norwell 


Forte Architecture + Design

Estimated Total Construction Cost:                            $4,800,000 (Including Alternates)

Estimated General and Trade Contractor Construction Duration: 

            Construction Phase 1:                                      May 2022 – May 2023

            Construction Phase 2:                                      June 2023 – December 2023

Scheduled Overall Occupancy: 

            Construction Phase 1:                                       May 2023

            Construction Phase 2:                                       December 2023

Overall Project Completion:                                        December 2023 

SOQ’s must conform to the requirements set forth in the RFQ. The complete RFQ including directions will be available for download as of Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 10:00 AM at: Enter the Project Code 847678 in the project locator box and select “Acquire Documents” to download documents.

Please direct any questions by email only to Ed Forte at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 5:00 PM. 

Prospective Respondents shall not communicate with any person or entity participating on the Prequalification Committee at any time during the RFQ process except through written questions submitted in accordance with the process outlined in the RFQ. This RFQ is the first phase of a two-phase procurement process as set forth in MGL Chapter 149A. 

The required SOQ is different from DCAMM Certification. All General Contractors and Trade Contractors must be prequalified for this project, even if the firm is DCAMM Certified. Based on the SOQ’s received, the Prequalification Committee will prequalify respondents it deems to be qualified in accordance with the criteria set forth in the RFQ. Only prequalified firms will be permitted to submit bids for the category of work in which they were prequalified. 

The Town of Norwell, acting through its Prequalification Committee, reserves the right to reject any and all responses in full or in part, to waive minor informalities, and to award the contract in the best interest of the Town of Norwell.

M.G.L. Chapter 30B Bid Opening Report

M.G.L. Chapter 30B Bid Opening Report form

Town of Norwell, Massachusetts
M.G.L. Chapter 30B Bid Opening Report*
Supply and Service Contracts of $35,000 or More (click below to view form)

Read more: M.G.L. Chapter 30B Bid Opening Report

Prevailing Wage Law for Awarding Authorities

The Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law, G.L. c. 149, §§ 26 - 27; c. 5, § 1; c. 71, § 7A and c. 121B, § 29B ("The Prevailing Wage Law") establishes minimum wage rates for workers on public construction projects, workers engaged in school bus transportation, operators of vehicles and equipment engaged by public entities for public works purposes (including solid waste and recycling), workers engaged by employers which provide janitorial services for state buildings, office moving services, and for certain employees of housing authorities. These different prevailing wage law requirements are discussed below.

Before soliciting bids for any public construction project, an awarding authority must obtain a prevailing wage rate sheet from DLS. DLS has standardized forms that awarding authorities must use to request prevailing wage rates. Awarding authorities must complete an online prevailing wage request at In the rare instance where an awarding authority does not have access to the internet, the awarding authority must call DLS at 617-626-6953 to receive instructions on mailing a hard copy request form. Link for more info: Prevailing Wage Guide

Public construction work, including additions and alterations to public buildings, soil explorations, test
Public Construction M.G.L. c. 149 sec. 27D

Construction and/or repair is broadly defined below as an “addition / alteration”
Once the awarding authority receives the prevailing wage schedule for a particular project, it must include the rate sheet in its invitation for bids. If the project does not require an invitation for bids (for example, if the project will cost less than $10,000) the awarding authority must make sure that anyone who is providing a price or estimate for the construction project has a copy of the prevailing wage rate sheet for that project. Once a contractor has been selected, the prevailing wage rate sheet is made a part of the contract for that project.

  • There is no dollar threshold under the Prevailing Wage Law.
    Blanket Wage Rates for Smaller Projects (under $10,000)
    A blanket period wage sheet is available for work not associated with larger planned projects. For example, a municipality should be able to quickly provide prevailing wage rates to have a broken window repaired without having a delay. For this reason a period wage sheet is available for small and/or emergency repairs. For larger projects and planned capital improvements, customized prevailing wage sheets should be obtained.

During the construction project, it is the awarding authority's responsibility to monitor contractors' compliance with the prevailing wage law. Weekly payroll records must be collected from all contractors and kept on file. Weekly payroll report forms are available on DLS' website. These weekly payroll records must be maintained by the awarding authority for three years following final payment on the construction project. Contractors and subcontractors are required to submit weekly payroll records to the awarding authority by first class or electronic mail. A statement of compliance must accompany each weekly payroll submittal. A sample certified payroll report form and statement of compliance are available from DLS at

Weekly Payroll Records Report & Statement Of Compliance

Division Of Occupational Safety, 19 Staniford Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, Ma 02114

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 149, §27B, a true and accurate record
must be kept of all persons employed on the public works project for which the enclosed rates
have been provided. A Payroll Form has been printed on the reverse of this page and includes
all the information required to be kept by law. Every contractor or subcontractor is required to
keep these records and preserve them for a period of three years from the date of completion of
the contract.

In addition, every contractor and subcontractor is required to submit a copy of their
weekly payroll records to the awarding authority. For every week in which an apprentice is
employed, a photocopy of the apprentice’s identification card must be attached to the payroll
report. Once collected, the awarding authority is also required to preserve those records for three

In addition, each such contractor, subcontractor, or public body shall furnish to the
awarding authority directly, within fifteen days after completion of its portion of the work a
statement, executed by the contractor, subcontractor or public body who supervises the payment
of wages, in the following form:

Form Link Pending
(Brockton version)