In 1976, Norwell designated our first scenic roads: Bowker Street, Norwell Avenue, Stetson Road, Tiffany Road and Jacobs Lane. Subsequent town meetings have added more, and Norwell now has 23 roads protected.

What makes a road a “scenic road”?
The general laws of Massachusetts (Chapter 40, section 15C) provide that a town’s Planning Board, Conservation Commission or Historical Commission can initiate the designation process to make any road (other than a numbered route or state highway) a scenic road.  When a road is deemed “scenic,” its historic beauty is protected. Any repair, maintenance, reconstruction or paving work done with respect to the road shall not involve or include the cutting down or removal of trees or the tearing down or destruction of stone walls (or portions thereof) except with the prior written consent of the Planning Board and the Tree Warden. While it is difficult to imagine, there is a thriving business in the purchase and relocation of stone walls. Such activities in or on the 23 streets designated as scenic roads in Norwell would be illegal without review. In the future, the Historical Commission intends to place special signs on scenic roads to remind us that they are entitled to the preservation protection described above.

Bowker Street
Central Street
Circuit Street
Cross Street
First Parish Road
Forest Street
Green Street
High Street
Jacobs Lane
Lincoln Street
Mt Blue Street
Norwell Avenue
Old Oaken Bucket Road
Pine Street
Pleasant Street
Prospect Street
River Street
Stetson Road
Stetson Shrine Lane
Summer Street
Tiffany Road
Wildcat Lane
Winter Street

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