The Town of Norwell Highway Department plows and maintains all roads, drives, town-owned facilities, schools and parking areas.

In an effort to make the snow season as safe as possible, we offer the following tips and information. Please remember that each storm is different so our strategy must be adjusted accordingly to achieve the best results.

The Highway Department staff is well trained and dedicated to plow around the clock if necessary, to keep the roadways open and passable. If a plow truck is riding with its plow up, please do not be misled. They may be returning to the garage for fuel or repairs or might be headed to another section of town to assist with snow removal. 

Residents should not be concerned if they do not see their roadway plowed during the early stages of a snowstorm. The Highway Department pre-prioritized with assigned routes to plow main roads and hills first. Please be patient, all town-owned roads will eventually be plowed.

Please be advised that Washington St (Route 53) is maintained by Mass Highway Department District 5, and is not plowed by the Town of Norwell: See State Roads