Plowing operations begin when there is an accumulation of snow on road surfaces.

Depending upon the severity of the storm, Town forces are assisted by hired contractors to expedite the process of snow removal. Each vehicle is assigned to a predetermined route and will remain on that route until the storm subsides, unless an emergency occurs that requires reassignment of equipment from one location to another.

The main objective is to keep all roads passable during the storm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep the roads free of snow without filling in many driveways; therefore, when you clean the end of your driveway, deposit the excess snow to the downstream side of your driveway. This will minimize the redeposit of snow into the cleared opening when the plow makes its next pass. Do not be surprised to see us plowing with very little snow. It is less expensive to plow than to apply chemicals to melt all the snow.

  • Please do not shovel, plow or blow snow or ice into the roadway.

    You could be liable or fined if you create a hazardous condition in the roadway (as shown in photo).

  • If you have a private contractor plowing your driveway please make sure to remind them of curbing, asphalt, drip berms and guardrail fences, as you will be held responsible for any damage from their actions.