Roadside Mowing and Vegetation Removal

General Mowing Policy Goals

  • Support public safety, especially at intersections and curbs
  • Provide safe areas for vehicles to pull off roads in emergencies, and
  • Clear recovery zones for errant vehicles that leave the roadway
  • To add overall aesthetics to the Town of Norwell

Roadside areas are between the outside asphalt edges to the right-of-way boundaries. The Tree and Grounds Division divides this area into two main zones:

  • Clear Zone (Zone 1)
    • The area of small trees and grass, small trees and shrubs that facilitate highway operations
    • Allows for visibility of signs and traffic
    • Large trees found in the clear zone can be removed for safety if necessary
    • Vegetation is cleared for sightlines and around guardrails
  • Natural Roadside (Zone 2)
    • This is the area outside the clear zone
    • Allows for natural vegetation to grow, and is an area of low maintenance.

In Fiscal 2017/2018, Tree and Grounds maintains the Clear Zone twice per year in spring and fall, or as necessary. When driving, please use caution when roadside mowing operations are under way.