Corner of Circuit St and Pleasant StThe phone and utility companies own the telephone poles around town, and are responsible for maintaining them, and provide for pubic safety. Often, when a pole is worn out or damaged, the utility company places or fastens a second parallel pole next to the damaged original, and moves the wires to the newer, more solid pole. This is supposed to be temporary. 

There are multiple sets of wires on these poles. The highest (and most dangerous) are the power lines. Below them are Comcast, the Cable company, and the lowest are the telephone lines. Some poles also have fiber optic lines as well. In many cases not all of the wires have been moved to the secure pole, and are still connected to the old damaged pole, which cannot be removed until all the wires are relocated. 

As a result, there are still many "double poles" still standing which are not safe. We are calling it the "Double Pole-i-o" syndrome. Shown here are some examples which have been reported by Tree and grounds to the utility companies, but which have not yet been corrected.

Corner of Norwell Ave and Trout Brook LnGrove St between Birchwood Lane and Otis Hill RdSummer St