Old Oaken Bucket Rd 6300 LF MO
First Parish Rd 2200 LF MO
Cross St 
(Old Oaken bucket to Winter St)
4500 LF MO
Central St  4850 LF MO
Mount Blue St 6500 LF MO
Chittenden Lane 2650 LF LM II
Shrine Rd 3100 LF LM II
May Elm Lane 1300 LF LM II
Farrar Farm Rd 2820 LF LM II
Barstow Ave 2210 LF LM II
Copeland Tannery Dr 700 LF LM II
Simon Hill Rd 2000 LF LM I
Wildcat Lane (Photos) 6500 LF FDR
Captain Vinal Way  2150 LF LM I
Black Pond Hill Rd 1650 LF LM I
Vinal School Parking Lot    MO
Total Approximately 9.5 Miles of Road  


  • Microsurfacing 
  • LM Leveling & Microsurfacing 
  • MO Mill & Overlay
  • FDR Full-Depth Reclamation
  • LF Linear Feet

For definitions, please see Paving Management Treatments