River St section

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Paving List
River St (from Common St to Norwell/Hanover Line) 4100 LF FDR
River St (from Stetson Shrine to Dover St) 11,000 LF Overlay
Bowker St 6700 LF MO
Circuit St 10,100 LF MO


Norwell Homes PM map composite

Norwell Homes Neighborhood  
Franklin St 2200 LF FDR
Gerard St 2000 LF FDR
Shady Lane 325 LF FDR
Teaberry Lane 1050 LF FDR
Wilder Rd 1300 LF FDR
Dana Rd 1200 LF FDR
Nancy Lane 600 LF FDR
Jay Rd 775 LF FDR
Total Approximately 1.5 Miles  

For definitions, please see Paving Management Treatments