Main St 15,000 LF  MO
Grove St 18,000 LF  MO
Grove St - Prospect St Intersection 4-Way Stop  MO
Prospect St  4230 LF  MO
School St 3100 LF  MO
Norwell Ave 4500 LF  MO
Old Oaken Bucket Rd 2000 LF  MO
Pleasant St 6500 LF  MO
Forest St 6120 LF  MO
Total Repavement - approximately 11 Miles of Road  


  • Microsurfacing 
  • LM Leveling & Microsurfacing 
  • MO Mill & Overlay
  • FDR Full-Depth Reclamation
  • LF Linear Feet

See Mill & Overlay procedure

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