To open, occupy, use, obstruct and close a portion of a public way
(Note: No permits November 22nd through April 15th)

Street Opening Permit Application



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Submit a sketch of the proposed work, showing location and the work to be done, pipe size, material to be used, type of work such as water, gas, cable, telephone, electric, etc. Indicate relationship to existing light poles, hydrants, trees, traffic signs, water mains, etc. and the nearest intersection if within 50 ft. (show “north” arrow) and estimated size of Trench LxWxD.
  • The Town of Norwell requires a copy of this Street Opening Permit Application (2 sided) along with Trench Permit (separate)
  • The Town of Norwell requires a copy of this Street Opening Permit Application (2 sided) along with Trench Permit (separate permit application (link)) to be with the operator or foreman on site at all times.
  • Moratorium Roads: All roads which have been paved within the previous 5 years. The moratorium prohibits street cutting on newly constructed or re-constructed pavement less than 5 years old except in cases of emergencies. In such emergency situations, or special situations, a Special Permit is required. Contact the Highway Director to determine if applicable. The Town will require an additional fee of $4,000. (per ATM 18 [FY 19] Article 30)
  • Applicant agrees to contact/notify Highway Director or his designee when Applicant is on site (617-645-7710).
  • Applicant agrees to not re-use existing material and must be replaced with structural gravel/process gravel with a sub base of 3/4” dense grade stone.
  • Applicant agrees vactor truck excavation is necessary when less than two feet tolerance between gas line and existing utilities (water line).
  • Applicant agrees to meet existing pavement thickness.
  • Applicant agrees asphalt patch to be infrared by a Town approved contractor, if deemed necessary by Highway Director.
The licensee hereby agrees to conform to the statutes, bylaws and/or other specifications and rules and regulations of the Town of Norwell in particular as defined in this application now or hereafter in force relative to restoring the street to a satisfactory condition and to protecting the public by adequate lights and safeguards. The licensee further agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Town of Norwell from any and all loss, damage and expense sustained by reason of any act or omission by the licensee hereunder.
Submit and attach a Sketch as described above